This brand exists to inspire and empower each generation by creating products that communicate the history and global impact of the Black Panther Party.

All Power To The People Project is co-owned by two Black women, Fredrika Newton and Rachel Konte.


With every purchase 20% of the proceeds from our business go back to fund the programs of The Huey P. Newton Foundation, which preserves and promotes the legacy and vision for the Black Panther Party through development and distribution of educational materials, establishment of educational conferences and forums, and preservation and exhibition of historical archives.

Fredrika Newton | Co-Founder  

As President of the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation, a former member of the Black Panther Party, and on behalf of the Foundation, I add my voice to the thousands around the world who will stop in this moment 50+ years since the Party’s founding to acknowledge and commemorate the powerful contribution of the Black Panther Party to the liberation of all oppressed people. 

Rachel Konte | Co-Founder 

Rachel Konte has been in the apparel industry since 1993. Born and raised in Denmark Copenhagen she has worked for Levi’s & Co Norden in Sweden and Tommy Hilfiger Europe in Amsterdam and Levis US in San Francisco where she held the position of Women’s Design Director for Levi Strauss & Co. She currently runs her own brand OwlNWood online, where she designs and produces a small collection of locally made apparel. Rachel is also currently Chief of Brand at Red Bay Coffee. Rachel Konte is Co-founder of the brand ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE PROJECT.LLC. Since 2018 Rachel has worked with Fredrika on designing and producing the product line for APTTP Project.